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Navigating the Republican Caucus: Insights from Brent Regan at Bonner County Republican Women Inc. Luncheon

In a recent luncheon hosted by the Bonner County Republican Women Inc. (BCRWI) on Tuesday, January 16, 2024, attendees gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the upcoming Republican caucus. Brent Regan, Chairman of the Kootenai County Republican Committee and Board Chair of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, served as the guest speaker, shedding light on the importance and mechanics of the caucus.

Brent Regan, a seasoned figure in Republican circles, delivered a comprehensive presentation, setting the stage for an informative discussion on the impending Republican caucus.

Key Highlights from Brent Regan's Presentation:

Regan delved into the ramifications of a critical legislative move during the last session, spearheaded by Secretary of State Phil McGrane. The legislation, aimed at shifting the presidential primary from March to May, inadvertently eradicated Idaho's presidential primary altogether. This decision, though poorly drafted, was signed into law, leaving Idaho citizens without the means to express their presidential preferences.

Regan highlighted the significance of primaries in the political party process, emphasizing their role in selecting candidates for the general election. With the elimination of the presidential primary, the Republican Party in Idaho faced the challenge of finding an alternative means to allocate delegates to the Republican National Convention (RNC). The State Central Committee voted in favor of holding a Presidential Preference Caucus.

Regan continued to explain the dynamics of the Idaho Presidential Caucus scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd. This "Firehouse Caucus," orchestrated by the Republican Party instead of the state, aims to re-enfranchise Idaho Republican voters after the deletion of the March 2024 Presidential Primary. 

Caucus Logistics:

Regan outlined the logistics of the caucus, emphasizing the need for participants to affiliate with the Republican Party before the year's end. He explained the voting process, describing it as a "Firehouse Caucus" involving a single round of voting to expedite results. The emphasis on inclusivity and simultaneous multi-location caucuses was underscored to maximize voter participation.

Luncheon Attendees learn about the Upcoming Caucus during a luncheon meeting of the BCRWI

Details Regarding the Caucus

  • The caucus is organized and funded by the IDGOP rather than the state.
  • It will take place at local precinct locations starting at 11:00 AM Pacific/12:00 PM Mountain time. A postcard with precinct info will be mailed in mid-February.
  • Voters must be registered Republicans to participate. 
  • After candidate presentations, voters will receive a ballot, vote in privacy, and deposit ballots into a locked box.
  • Polls close at 12:30 PM Pacific/1:30 PM Mountain.
  • Ballots will be counted on-site and results phoned to IDGOP headquarters. Tabulation sheets will be signed by officials and returned with ballots to verify results.
  • Unofficial results should be announced Saturday night, with final certified results within 10 days.

Resource Links for Further Information:

In conclusion, the Bonner County Republican Women Inc. January luncheon served as an invaluable platform for educating attendees about the upcoming Republican caucus, with Brent Regan providing crucial insights to guide voters through this pivotal political process. As Idaho prepares to express its preference before "Super Tuesday," the caucus emerges as a crucial arena for candidates to address Idaho's concerns and vie for voter support.

Bonner County Republican Women, Inc Monthly Meeting:

The BCRWI, a vibrant assembly that convenes every 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Sandpoint BFV, welcomed both members and guests, fostering a collaborative environment where both men and women actively participate in political discussions.


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