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Welcome to Bonner County Republican Women, Inc

Learn more about Bonner County Republican Women



  • Uniting women to positively impact the direction of our Nation

  • Advancing the power of women through educating and sharing of political knowledge

  • Empowering women to assemble as vital contributors at the political table on local, state, and national issues 

  • Cultivating educated persuasive Republican Women towards electing conservative Republicans in our county, state, and nation



  • Promote an informed public through political activity and education

  • Foster loyalty and promote broader knowledge of the principles and policies of the Republican Party

  • Encourage an active citizenship and promote the principles of freedom, equality, and justice upon which the government of the United State of America is founded

  • Be a force in advocating Republican candidates



  • Invite knowledgeable and resourceful guest speakers to elaborate on current issues and events

  • Increase BCRWI membership

  • Encourage BCRWI members to participate in locally sponsored activities

  • Become more visible in the community

  • Promote worthy fundraiser's and their causes

  • Collaborate with Republican State and County Central Committee for the election of Republican nominees

An informed voter is a powerful voter.
Identifying as a conservative is not the same as being a true conservative.
How do you know where candidates stand and which organization is more than conservative in name only?
Here are some tips to help.

Follow the money.

This state site has financial reports of candidates, organizations, and individuals that will tell you where funding comes from. 

Don’t fall for the name.

The “Idaho Liberty PAC” spent its donor money on the campaigns of those who opposed the true liberty candidates.  “Reclaim Idaho,” a Democratic organization trying to circumvent the people's will via the initiative process. “Take Back Idaho” has attacked the Idaho Freedom Foundation, a true conservative organization (and a good source of information). Idaho 97 supported mandatory vaccinations and masks and opposed the school choice movement. “Defend and Protect Idaho PAC” was created to attack true conservative candidates as “too extreme” and obtained most of its funding from liberals outside of Idaho. North Idaho Voter Services has attacked Bonner County Republican Women Inc, our President, and other conservatives by label-lynching with the term “right-wing extremists.” They also sent out mailers encouraging cross-over voting during the primaries.

Watch for label-lynching and keywords.

Do they praise moderates and attack those who stand for the Constitution? Do they label lynch with terms such as “right-wing extremist” and “militant Christian fundamentalism” and describe any conservable viewpoint as “hateful rhetoric”?

Find out for yourself.

Attend meetings (school board, county commissioners, city council and other city meetings, library board—any meetings where decisions affect your quality of life and your tax dollars) in person or via zoom. Republican Central Committee meetings are a good way to discover the true conservatives in the county.

It is possible to know where people stand. Watch with whom they align, listen to what they say, watch whom they attack, follow the money, vet everyone, and then use your vote to support true conservatives.

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